Life of a Zoo wife

Just had this memory appear on my Facebook news feed and it got me thinking about my life as a zoo wife.


I am a Creative Person

I have always known and have always been a creative person. Fairly early on in my counselling sessions it became clear that my creative personality was being ignored, I wasn't giving myself the opportunity to express my creativity day to day. This meant that I felt like there was a little Sara-Jane on the inside screaming... Continue Reading →

Oh dear!

I'm lying bed bed all the boys are up and all I can think is I don't want to get up I just don't want this day to start.

Starting on a journey of discovery 

As I said before I started my journey of discovery at the primary mental health team's 'Stress Control' course. If you think you are struggling with stress, depression or anxiety first of all go to your GP and then ask them for their number. You can self refer and just turn up, even bring a... Continue Reading →

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