Starting on a journey of discovery 

As I said before I started my journey of discovery at the primary mental health team's 'Stress Control' course. If you think you are struggling with stress, depression or anxiety first of all go to your GP and then ask them for their number. You can self refer and just turn up, even bring a... Continue Reading →


On Monday 5th September 2016 I snapped. That is the only, and best way, I can describe it. At the time I thought I was losing the plot, I was having a break down, I was, well I don’t know, nothing good anyway. I remember being in school on an inset day, that’s about it.... Continue Reading →

So, what next?

I did nothing, felt nothing, achieved and wanted nothing. In a dark hole, under a cloud, I couldn’t think, do, want or decide anything.

This is me.

So apparently I have decided to start writing. I’m going to prattle through my daily life, things that rattle in my head, things that make me laugh, cry, scream, things about my boys, living with a zoo keeper, depression, anxiety and all that comes with it.

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