Make a desicion, oh no wait I can’t!!

I get asked a lot 'so when are you going back to work?' 'Do you want to go back?' 'What are you going to do?'


I’m an introvert and that’s ok!

I really don't mind being an introvert. It is what I am. Although it has taken me a while to get to this realisation.

Sun, Sea and Surprising Outcomes

Hi all, sorry I’ve not written anything for a while. I’ve been on a family holiday abroad. Our first!! I’m currently hiding from my children again. I managed to sneak upstairs with a cup of tea and two custard creams up my sleeve (literally not figuratively) to have a few minutes peace to think about... Continue Reading →

I am a Creative Person

I have always known and have always been a creative person. Fairly early on in my counselling sessions it became clear that my creative personality was being ignored, I wasn't giving myself the opportunity to express my creativity day to day. This meant that I felt like there was a little Sara-Jane on the inside screaming... Continue Reading →

Oh dear!

I'm lying bed bed all the boys are up and all I can think is I don't want to get up I just don't want this day to start.

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