Sun, Sea and Surprising Outcomes

Hi all, sorry I’ve not written anything for a while. I’ve been on a family holiday abroad. Our first!! I’m currently hiding from my children again. I managed to sneak upstairs with a cup of tea and two custard creams up my sleeve (literally not figuratively) to have a few minutes peace to think about... Continue Reading →


Life of a Zoo wife

Just had this memory appear on my Facebook news feed and it got me thinking about my life as a zoo wife.

“Just like riding a bike actually”

I felt more confident afterwards it was just like riding a bike. I could hear all the old phrases and tricks to help children decode words and improve their intonation coming out.


Hi April, I think!

April: from the Latin verb APERIRE 'to open'. Open yourself up this April. xx


Are you trying to be a Superwoman?

Why is it that I have this need to do everything, to be SUPERWOMAN?


I am a Creative Person

I have always known and have always been a creative person. Fairly early on in my counselling sessions it became clear that my creative personality was being ignored, I wasn't giving myself the opportunity to express my creativity day to day. This meant that I felt like there was a little Sara-Jane on the inside screaming... Continue Reading →


Oh dear!

I'm lying bed bed all the boys are up and all I can think is I don't want to get up I just don't want this day to start.


What do I do with myself?

To go back to work or not? Now or later?


That Sunday night feeling.

Do you get that feeling on a Sunday evening? I know I do!!


With the smooth unfortunately comes the rough! 

So yesterday I had a full day. School run, coffee, counselling, Henry pick up, lunch with friends, William pick up, home, out again for William play therapy, late dinner, boys bed, boots off and feet up! Even though it was a lovely day and I felt really good all day as usual when I feel... Continue Reading →


Counselling: talking and learning 

So as predicted I am not having a good nights sleep. It's 3:30 am and I've been awake for a good while. Woke up dripping in sweat as usual, God knows what I am dreaming about. Apparently last night Tim got really freaked out because I started thrashing my arms and legs about! I wake... Continue Reading →


Pushing my boundaries. 

Tomorrow I am pushing my boundaries therefore I cannot sleep now!


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