So apparently I have decided to start writing. I’m going to prattle through my daily life, things that rattle in my head, things that make me laugh, cry, scream, things about my boys, living with a zoo keeper, depression, anxiety and all that comes with it.

My name is Sara-Jane Morphew; my husband will laugh at this statement as every time I read a c.v. of someone applying for a zoo job that starts “My name is”, I put it in the ‘no’ pile because it is bad writing.  Any way I’m Sara-Jane its taken me a long time to get to the point that I can say this and be comfortable with who that is. I am still not completely sure but I’m definitely further along the journey of understanding than I was six months ago.

Why Lala? 9 years ago my beautiful cousin and god daughter was born. when she was learning to talk she obviously could not say Sara-Jane, Sara, Sar, Rara, and eventually it came out Lala, and it stuck. To her and to my auntie I am Lala.

So who is Lala? I am a 31 year old mum of 2 boys. William ages 5 and Henry aged 3. They are busy boys and keep me on my toes, everyday. I am married to Tim Morphew, zoo curator at Folly Farm. We all live in Narberth and I hope that this blog will give an insight into our lives, my recent diagnosis of depression and anxiety, some of the reasons behind it, the things that help, those that don’t and mostly I hope to help.

Please forgive my poor writing, it is not something I have really done before. My depression means that sometimes i lose my train of thought, go off on tangents and a lot of the time make no sense at all! bear with me and hopefully some will entertain and some will inform.

from Lala, with love xx


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