Why I shouldn’t mix antidepressants and alcohol !! 

So this weekend Tim and I went to a wonderful wedding surrounded by old friends and new. The plan was to pace myself and not get too excited i.e completely smashed!! Safe to say the plan did not stick and I got too excited!! My antidepressant leaflet says “alcohol should be avoided when taking sertraline.” It doesn’t say why, but these are my reasons! 

1: You will go too far and have too many and be too drunk. And as a result you will either a) be sick b)do something silly or c) need to be taken home early. I fell into c category this weekend. Tim had to take me back to the hotel at about 11 because I had had too much and was talking complete rubbish! 

2. You will have the worst hangover ever!! I was lucky this time, I missed breakfast but got back in the game after a Coca-Cola at 10am and was able to get train into central London (small nap taken) and go to a museum. 

3. Palpitations: I don’t know why but  if I drink fizzy things like Prosecco or Champagne it is terrible my heart pounds either all night or all the next day feeling like I’m constantly mid panic attack. 

4. Shame! No matter how I have behaved, even if I was fine, I will go over every conversation, every look, over and over again feeling the shame there is no other word for the feeling, utter paranoia, complete shame, that disturbs your brain for days , probably forever! 

5. Unsettled: the wedding was on Friday it is now middle of the night Monday/Tuesday and I still don’t have my sleep back on track because I just feel so unsettled! Overtired, overdone, oversocialised. 

6. There is no physical hangover now, just the mental hangover! And you don’t know how long it will last. How long will it take to recover from a weekend of conversations, a weekend of busy, a weekend of travelling about, a weekend of being judged, a weekend of small talk. Hopefully not too much longer xx 

I know I shouldn’t drink with my medication and I know what it does to me. But will I do it again?  probably! Maybe next time I’ll read this just before I have my first glass and I will think twice about the 2nd or maybe 3rd. We had such a wonderful weekend I only wish was that I had not drunk I would remember it so much better, I wouldn’t feel the paranoia now and would just have the happy, colourful, glowing memories of such a beautiful day. 

Think twice Lala! Xx 


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