Ok seriously, when are you going to start pooing on the toilet?!

So the last load of washing pretty much summed up where we are with William. I managed to do a load and dry it in one day. Yay me! But while getting it out of the dryer I had that moment of “I think these still smell like poo” “hmmm I think they’ll pass.” You bring them in fold them up start putting away “no I really think these smell like poo” I no longer trust my nose because our house just smells like poo all the time. “Oh **** it, I’m not washing them again”. 

It was 2 days worth of clothes I was putting away I could tell because there were two pairs of Henry pants. However there were 10 pairs of Williams’ 

I’ve just smelled them again…No really they do smell like poo I will have to wash them again!! Pants. 

If anyone has any tips on how to get the smell of rancid poo out of clothes please let me know! We rinse, we soak, we use smelly conditioner but still there it is in his clothes it builds up I think until I just have to buy him new. The worst is probably his uniform because he doesn’t tell them if he has messed and they are so busy educating and caring for all the children in the class one child with poo issues will be forgotten, sometimes.

 I just want to add here that that was not a derogatory comment about my sons school, they have been amazing and supportive and trying their best. If mummy and medical professionals cannot sort it, then what hope is there for the overworked and underpaid wonderful women of his school.  Thanks xx 

We have had input from the health visitor, the doctor, 2 paediatric consultants, a play therapist, school nurse, a hypnotherapist, a counsellor/psychotherapist. And we are still at the same place we were a years ago. I am sick of smelling like poo. 

“Wash his pants separately” I hear you say. I don’t even separate darks from lights so, no!

“Just throw them away” I would if he was pooing money! Seriously 10 pairs in 2 days I’d have to buy like a pack for each day, just no!

And if one more person tells me to use a sticker chart I am going to scream!!! 

Sorry I feel a bit ranty but I am done with it. I’m done with the having to take a changing bag for my 5 year old but not my 3 year old. I’m done with wiping shit that’s been there for hours. I’m done with my hands smelling like poo for hours no matter how much you wash them or how smelly the soap. I am done with avoiding birthday parties, play dates, sleep overs, limiting baby sitting duty to mum. I am done with fearing they are going to close the pool because he’s pooed in it. I am done! I am so done! 

Please can tomorrow when you wake up William, can you just decide to poo in the toilet, please. And wipe your own bum. And never poo yourself again. Mummy’s tired! 

I would put out a plea for help but honestly I think nobody can. He just needs to make that desicion…please be tomorrow! 

From Lala, with love xx 


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