This is me.

So apparently I have decided to start writing. I’m going to prattle through my daily life, things that rattle in my head, things that make me laugh, cry, scream, things about my boys, living with a zoo keeper, depression, anxiety and all that comes with it.

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My Haberdashery Brain

My counsellor advised that I need a space to be creative in, I need a space that is just mine that no one else can invade, that is sacred to me. A space where I can be Sara-Jane and express my creative personality. I need it to recharge, to be me. This is my creative... Continue Reading →

Being a Proper Adult

Adulting is hard, we know this, but having to do proper adulting is something else!! It all started when my darling husband developed man flu after getting drowning wet working on some animal enclosure or something zooie outside in the rain all day. He had a high temperature that night but I didn't take much... Continue Reading →

Sun, Sea and Surprising Outcomes

Hi all, sorry I’ve not written anything for a while. I’ve been on a family holiday abroad. Our first!! I’m currently hiding from my children again. I managed to sneak upstairs with a cup of tea and two custard creams up my sleeve (literally not figuratively) to have a few minutes peace to think about... Continue Reading →

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